Career Prospects

Career Prospects

This world-class postgraduate program will guide you through management as well as financial and insurance skills enabling you to perform at the top of the international trade, finance and insurance industry.

The Offenburg University MBA takes 18 months to complete and will prepare you for senior roles that have major responsibility, accelerating your progress towards well-paid positions of leadership.

The program provides a unique combination of the latest academic research, practical application and a broad variety of topics. Participants will learn from leading finance and insurance practitioners as well as renowned academics how to put academic thinking and business strategies into professional practice.


Who Should Study for this MBA

This program is suitable for corporate practitioners looking for an in-depth and practical understanding of finance, risk management and insurance. It is aimed at individuals working within Trade & Export Finance Banks, private Credit and Political Risk Insurance Underwriters and Brokers, Export Credit Agencies and Development Finance Institutions, Governments, Law Firms, as well as Corporate Exporters.


Our Students

Ashin Shretsh, Finance Manager

“It was great to study at one of the leading Business Schools in Germany. Our cohort was an amazing mix with students from different academic backgrounds, industry sectors and numerous countries.“


Subhashree Sibani Sa Sahoo, Business Process Consultant

“I love Offenburg University! The lecturers, the campus and the Black Forest were absolutely fantastic. Studying at Offenburg has given me access to cutting-edge research and practitioner-oriented thinking.”


Florian Gantert, Treasury Analyst

“I think that one of Offenburg’s strongest points is the unique combination of expertise in finance, risk management and insurance. The professors have a unique global network with governments and the industry which is really impressive.”